Consulting & Management

Institutions and Governance

mByom provides support to Government Ministries through a strategic approach involving sector policy and revival strategies as well as through the implementation of technology enabled transformation.

We engage in large scale projects that lead to state and national level policy advocacy. Government Institutions at all levels are involved in driving the transformation with a strong on the ground understanding as well as research focus.

Laia Marketing


The ideals of Laia Marketing lay within its vision to build a strong marketing and sales functionality. An organization built upon the extensive experience in the field of textiles, natural fibres and in the vast field of marketing give Laia Marketing the solid base necessary to turn this vision into a reality.

Along with the strong base the company has on the experience front, it also holds it’s own as the marketing and sales arm for all aHOPE and mByom activities, apart from other independent revenue-generating initiatives.